Brittany Randell

Specializing in tattoos for melanated skin

Booking Process
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Brittany Randell

Specializing in the presentation of tattoos on Black and Brown skin.

Booking Process
E-gift Cards


Booking Process

Session Scheduling

Tattoo Submissions will always be announced through monthly newsletters and social media. It's highly encouraged to sign up in order to receive faster updates on scheduling a session. You can also gather more information on my process via the Q & A page.

Appointments are typically scheduled 2 months ahead and updates on my books opening, cancellations or rescheduled appointments are announced via newsletter.  Any Flash days or events will also be mentioned.

Tattoo Designs

Custom Tattoos - Drawn designs are shown on the day of the tattoo appointment due to the intensity of my schedule.  Unfortunately, there are no exceptions that can be made to this at this time!

Flash Designs - design change requests can be asked for any flash work. You may request prior to your session or the day of for approval.

Cover Ups - They will only be accepted if I feel confident that the cover up can be executed. It depends on what you currently have and what you want to cover it up with.  When my books are open, please email directly for approvals.


Hourly Rate: $250 CAD + HST 
Non-refundable deposit: starting at $250 CAD via e-transfer
*Total cost of tattoo depends on the size

  • Deposits are to be sent via e-transfer to (if a password is required, please make it: tattoo)
  • The time starts from the moment the design discussion begins and includes drawing time and tattooing.
  • I offer two types of tattoo sessions: Half day for 3.5 hours minimum OR full day/tap out sessions 7.5 hours total. 
  • Please be prepared to pay the full hour estimation.  Smaller tattoos may not be as costly.
  • Final payments must be made in-person and on the same day of the tattoo session. 
  • If you would still like to tip I ask that you tip via cash!  Tips are dependent on the individual receiving the service (15-20% is accepted).

I offer a few sliding scale rate sessions each month for single black identifying mothers/parents only* with children under the age of 18! Please let me know via the booking form when applying.

Concepts of Interest

  • Illustrative floral and foliage
  • Plants from the Caribbean and Africa
  • Black out cover ups,  full body abstract designs
  • BIPOC icons (some I’ve done before; Erykah Badu, Billie Holliday, Nefertiti)
  • Adinkra symbols, West African patterns
  • Human Portraits, usually face only - not bodies
  • Animals, Insects, Taxidermy (skulls/bones/animal anatomy)
  • Abstract, minimal linework
  • Mandalas, symmetry
  • Script (minimal words, calligraphy only)

Design Exclusions

  • No palmar skin (the side of the finger and palms), ears or directly on genitalia
  • No typewriter, text, or block fonts - cursive/script tattoos only, minimal words
  • No watercolour tattoos 
  • No copied artwork unless you have the artist’s permission!

At this time, I am not taking on any of the following concepts:

sunflowers, feathers with birds coming out of it, elephants, lions, anchors, compasses, musical notes, infinity symbols, Nefertiti, Billie Holiday , crosses, rosaries, hand/finger prints or pet prints!

Cancellation Policy

In order to set an appointment, a non-refundable $250.00 CAD deposit fee is required.  The deposit is deducted from the overall cost of the tattoo on the day of the tattoo session.

Any cancellations or appointment changes must be done 48 hours before the date of the session in order to keep your deposit. If you request to re-schedule your appointment more than once, you will be required to send an additional deposit of $50-$200 (depending on the number of rebooking requests). To avoid constant rebooking and constant issues with scheduling, an additional deposit is mandatory - no exceptions.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to the appointment, you will lose the deposit toward the tattoo. If you are more than 30 minutes late, your session will be cancelled.

Additional Info

Please try to wear minimal colours in terms of clothing - black, grey, dark green/blue, denim etc. if possible!
Eat well and drink a lot of water for tattoo sessions, try to avoid alcohol, caffiene or blood thinning medications prior to.